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Elephant Carpet Cleaning

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{Elephant Carpet Cleaning} is your one-stop cleaning company in Houston, Dallas & Austin Texas for all your carpet, air duct, tile & grout cleaning and maintenance n0eeds-residential, commercial or industrial. We believe that a healthy home starts with clean carpets and fresh air.

Let "Elephant Carpet Cleaning" experienced technicians come to your home or office and do what they know best-getting the job done efficiently to your complete satisfaction. You will be delighted with the results and pleased by our courteous, customized service.

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Our mission at [Elephant Carpet Cleaning] is to provide our customers with a healthy and safe indoor environment an easier and fresher air to breathe free of dust. We believe that a healthy home starts with clean carpets and we use only the highest quality equipment and skilled technicians to get the job done.

Our truck mounted hot water extraction methods are extremely effective for a wide variety of carpet types, and even rugs. These can be used for carpets that see heavy use and traffic, as well as regular or light traffic. "Elephant Carpet" considerable industry experience has allowed it to develop environmentally safe and professional services for carpet cleaning.

Are your carpets beginning to become unsightly and highly stained? If your front room and back doors are suffering as a result of your carpet game being damaged by these signs of wear and tear, let our guys help you out. With +Carpet Cleaner Houston TX around to help you, you’ll have a solution in no time.

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If you need some {home carpet cleaners} who make sure you get all the spots and stains out of your precious Persian and French rugs, let us know so we can send him over. A quick shampooing and restoration is all you’ll need to make things like the once were.

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Our {carpeting cleaners} understand that removing rug stains is an entirely different ballgame than working on carpet. Many rugs are a lot thinner than the average living room carpet space, and they sometimes come in fine materials such as silk or thin threads. You’ll have a versatile sanitizer on the job. Elephant Carpet Cleaning ready to keep you away from all scary situations & help you with any dryer issues with our Expert Dryer Vent Cleaners .

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