Frequently Asked Questions:

Carpet Steam Cleaning

How safe are your cleaning and protection methods?

We use only the safest, most effective technology to assure not only your satisfaction, but your safety as well. We do not use any harsh chemicals nor will we leave any irritant residues.

How long will my carpet take to dry?

Most carpet are dry in 1 hour. This depends on the humidity, temperature of the home, the density of the fiber and how soiled the carpet is.

Will your services help my allergies?

Yes, having your carpet and upholstery cleaned removes many allergens and other pollutants and makes your air easier to breathe.

Does your process restore the original feel of my carpet?

Yes, our process leaves your carpet fresh, clean, residue free and soft to the touch.

How often do I need to clean my carpet?

Anywhere from every 3-6 months for high use rooms to every 9-12 months for seldom used rooms. If you have kids or pets at least once per year for the complete house.

My Carpet is really old, should I replace it?

With the cost of replacing carpet being as expensive as it is today, it is always best to try having the carpet professionally cleaned first. It is less costly and may make a world of difference.

How often should I have my tile and grout cleaned?

Most professionals agree that tile and grout should be cleaned at the same interval as carpet, depending on the amount of traffic.

How long does it typically take to complete the cleaning?

How long does it typically take to complete the cleaning? Cleaning times vary depending on the size of the house and the level of service chosen. But please keep in mind though; speed is not our primary goal, your most thorough cleaning is!

What is the best method for cleaning carpets?

The best method of cleaning is truck mounted machines with deep steam cleaning.

What type of cleaning products do you use and are they safe?

We use only the highest quality cleaning agents with many that use all Natural ingredients, Odorless, Biodegradable, Hypo-allergenic, Nonflammable, Nontoxic, leave no sticky residue, No VOC's, Environmentally safe for children and pets and IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) Approved*. All materials are handled and prepared in accords with manufactures guidelines.

Why should we choose Elephant Carpet Cleaning to clean our carpets?

Because we are true-Professionals with many years of experience and qualified technicians, Fully insured and use the best high techs truck mounted machines.

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