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Deep Cleaning Dirt and Microbes

While you can clean your carpets yourself, it is usually suggested you have professionals come in every year for your deep cleaning, as they know the business and can get your carpets cleaner, not just in appearance, but deep down as well. The more dirt in your carpet, the faster it will get dirtier, and the more quickly it will begin to fall apart. Not only will having professionals clean your carpets help them last long, but it can also help your family or co-workers. Dirt and Microbes can have a negative impact on your health, and the only way to make sure they are not living in your carpets is a good deep cleaning every so often.

For the most extensive, deepest clean, the equipment suggested is a truck-mounted steam cleaner. It increases the pressure greatly, as well as the temperatures of the water and chemicals used. The Truck mounted machine heats the water to high temperatures and powerful pumps sends it to a handheld attachment used by the technician to work the solution into your carpet.

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After the technician conditions and shampoos the carpet with the handheld wand, a powerful wet/dry vacuum sucks up the most of the water and soap, as well as all the soil (the dirt and grime deeply embedded in your carpet fibers) leaving the wet carpet surface to dry, before you move your furniture back in and resume life as normal on a very clean, almost sterile carpet.

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