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  Tile Floor Cleaning In Dallas - Grout Cleaning - Ceramic - Porcelain - Natural Stone

Don't spend hours on your knees scrubbing to clean your tile and grout floors! Let our Trained Technicians utilizing specialized equipment bring your tiles back to life.

As beautiful as tile is, it seems after a year or two the floor is increasingly more difficult to keep clean. The tile looks dull and the grout is filthy. This happens even if you’re cleaning the floor often.

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Kitchen & Bathroom Tile Grout Cleaners

Our procedure includes identification of the tile and the application of an appropriate cleaning solution without damaging the tile surface. High Pressure Hot Water is used in a controlled environment with the waste vacuumed to an onboard recovery tank outside the building. This is fast, effective and affordable with drying times quicker than wet mopping.

Elephant tile & grout cleaning methods revive and preserve all tile and grout surfaces including kitchen, hallways, entryway, bathrooms, showers and counter tops.

Before beginning, our cleaning specialists carefully inspect the fabric and construction of each piece before selecting the cleaning method best suited to your material, insuring that your furniture gets the specialized attention it requires.

  Professional Tile & Grout Cleaning:

Our processes prevent mildew and leaks from damaging your tile, guard against staining and scratching, and replace damaged or loose grouting to preserve tile appearance.

Our powerful truck mounted cleaning system will safely remove built up dirt and grime returning your tile and grout surfaces to like-new condition, saving you valuable time and money.

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